Zhongde Clinic provides different hair transplant techniques:


  • FUT: Follicular Unit Transplants

  • UFT

  • FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

  • IFUT

  • FFT

  • And many other services See more >>


Zhongde Clinic offers diffrent types of hair transplant treatements:


  • Hair Transplant

  • Moustache Transplant

  • Hair Density

  • Eyebrows Tansplant

  • And many other options See more >>

We offer professional hair transplant treatment in Beijing at affordable rates.


Hair serves the most important cosmetic function in humans. Loss of hair causes significant emotional stress and loss of confidence. However, with the recent advances in medical technology, fortunately now there are permanent solutions for thinning hair and balding heads. One such hair restoring technique is Hair Transplantation.

"I Got 3000 Graft in only 69k in summer Offer and it really changed my entire Look. I was losing hair at a faster rate than I had imagined.A friend recommended that I visit Nubello clinic.The Aestheticians analysed my hair and found the root cause of hair fall.They suggested just the right treatment for my hair.Today, a healthy mop of hair stands testimony to their efforts .An affordable but Internationally qualified hair transplant here in Mumbai is best for Mumbaikar .Thank you."

Arfat Khan

"A big thank you to the entire staff of Nubello Clinic.Their guidance and timely treatment saved me from a major embarrassment. I got the best hair transplant. I was a victim of male baldness and now it will be difficult for anyone to figure that out!"

Arvind Subramanian.

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